2017 WMGC Membership Forms
New Members:  Please review the New Members Letter located on the Membership Tab
  prior to registering to ensure understanding of the WMGC New Member guidelines.

A.  Tournament Players Membership Letter 
*Honorary Members: Age plus numbers of years in WMGC => 90
                                  (*Provided the member has served on the Board of Directors)

Associate Membership Letter
                                                  When registering on-line, ensure you click on the membership of choice.
        The online registration forms will automatically input the correct fee.         
here are (2) options for paying membership dues:
         1.  Online Credit
         2.  Online Check
1.  To register online and pay with credit card or PayPal, click 'Online pay with Credit'

 Online pay with Credit - Disabled for 2017   

To register online and pay by mailing in a check, click 'Online pay with Check'

Online pay with Check - Disabled for 2017

 If you elect to pay by check, an invoice will be generated and sent to the email address you provided.
 You may attach this invoice when mailing your check.  The address for mailing the check will be listed on this invoice.

NOTE:  The mail-in PDF form for membership entry will only be available at the Wellshire Golf Club 
              in an envelope attached to the Men's Club bulletin board, located next to the GHIN computer.